Monday, 24 February 2014

GENUINE 10th Doctor items on eBay!

I haven’t seen many screen-used Tenth Doctor items on eBay for a while, but this Torchwood mask was in the Bonham’s sale only a couple of months back, so I thought it worth mentioning.

Torchwood Weevil mask

VERY RARE .........WEEVIL mask ORIGINAL made by Millennium effects for the BBC.



SHOWS SOME PRODUCTION WEAR (some paint and foam latex rubbed away due to production. Foam latex in good condition). BOUGHT FROM BBC AUCTION/BONHAMS

All paper work from sale can be included.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Doctor Who Celebration - Louise Page

The Doctor Who Celebration certainly had an extensive guest list. Over the course of the weekend a good fifty plus cast and crew were on hand to meet, chat and sign autographs.

Someone I was keen to catch up with was Louise Page, who was at ExCeL on the first day of the convention.

I found her at the Wardrobe Workshop display, where along with two of her wardrobe assistants, they discussed and showed the techniques used in ageing costumes for filming.

On display was a full Tenth Doctor outfit, complete with suit and coat.

The tie was a screen-used St George by Duffer from the anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor.

Louise is rightly proud of her work on the costume.

There was also another suit on show, which had been trashed for use in The End Of Time Part Two.

From talking to Louise’s assistants, it was damaged and distressed, but the brief was misinterpreted so it never got used on screen!

Given how rare the fabric was and how difficult making the jacket had been, it was a tragedy this happened.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get my photo with Louise before she had to go on stage to take part in one of the discussion panels taking place over the weekend.

She was with producer Phil Collinson and director James Hawes.
I recorded two brief sections where Louise was talking about going for the post of costume designer, and Phil talking about working with her once she was on board.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bonhams auction - 18th December 2013

With December looming, it is time for another Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia sale!

The past few auctions have been Doctor Who lite when it comes to items, so there is no surprise that the first post-Anniversary is brimming with costumes and nick backs, dating back to 1968.

A large part of the sale is for Torchwood costumes. Since I don’t have a dedicate blog, I thought I’d post them here as they were at least concurrent with the Tenth Doctor era.

Like the 2010 auction, the catalogue is brand label rich with information. Shame these weren’t known back in 2006!

Lot 127
TORCHWOOD, SERIES 3: JOHN BARROWMAN AS CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS, A COLLECTION OF PART COSTUMES, comprising; Episode 1 - a navy double-cuff cotton shirt, a white t-shirt with label removed and a pair of navy wool pleat front trousers, accompanied by Episode 3 - a blue Gap t-shirt, grey jersey jogging bottoms, and brown Caterpillar walking shoes.

Estimate £350 - 550
Sold for £437

Lot 128
TORCHWOOD SERIES 1-3: A MODEL FLAYED CORPSE,of foam latex, metal and mixed materials, within plastic bag.

Estimate £250 - 350
Sold for £275

Lot 129
TORCHWOOD SERIES 1-3: A PAIR OF PROSTHETIC 'WEEVIL' MASKS, of foam latex, with BBC number attached to interior, 16 inches (41cm) high.

Estimate £300 - 500
Sold for £600

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Radio Times -
50th anniversary issue covers

The 50th Anniversary week is almost here, and as expected the cover of the latest Radio Times features The Doctor - not just once, but TWLEVE times!

The sources of the images used are quite interesting, the majority of which are from the Radio Times own extensive archive of Doctor Who images. All are out-takes, so are being published for the first time.

The First and Second Doctors come from the 10th Anniversary Special published by the Radio Times in 1973. The Third Doctor comes from a photoshoot in 1970 for the launch of Jon Pertwee in the role.

The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors are pictured from the shoot for the 30th Anniversary special, which featured in the 1993 Children In Need.

This shows that they were all taken separately before being composited into the group on the cover.

The rest of the Doctors come from bespoke cover shoots done for the Radio Times in more recent years. For example the Ninth Doctor is from the gatefold cover which launched the new series in 2005; and the Tenth from The Next Doctor in 2008. The Eleventh and War Doctors are obviously newly taken.

Here’s the full size version of the Tenth Doctor’s cover.
The combination of the Massimo Dutti tie and dark blue shirt correspond to The Next Doctor Christmas Special.

Finally, have you noticed that all 12 covers join together to form a long single image?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Planet Of The Dead bus - bits on eBay!

Usually I bring you items I have spotted on eBay that are at the least screen-used props or costumes.

But this month there is the most extraordinary item for sale on eBay - the bus from Planet Of The Dead.
Not as a buy-and-drive vehicle, but as a series of breakers yard bits and pieces, from number plates to wing mirrors.

Two of the buses were original in the listings for the Bonhams auction back in 2010, but were withdrawn before the sale.

Here is what the seller has to say about their background.

The BBC sourced a total of three buses to film this episode:-
RUA 461W - This bus was purchased a shipped to Dubai, upon arrival at Dubai it was accidently damaged by a crane, the bus was used for filming though. It is thought that this bus was scrapped upon completion of filming. It is almost certain that it never came back to the UK. All the external shots in the desert are of this bus

HJB 455W - This bus was used for filming the tunnel sequence at the start of the programme and the re-arrival at the end where the Dr and his passengers are welcomed home by UNIT

GGM 84W - This bus was purposefully damaged to mimic RUA 461W and then used at the BBC's Cardiff Upper Boat Studios for all the internal shot. A sceane in Dr Who Confidential clearly shows this bus with the roof removed being used for filming.

All the buses had the number plate W974 GHM for filming, but a continuitty error in the filming the flying sequence saw RUA 461W also used.

I purchased both HJB455W and the GGM84W off the BBC in January 2009. HJB 455W has been returned to running order and kept in Dr Who (NEON) livery! and GGM 84W has slowly been stripped for spares. I am now listing what I consider to be some of the more interesting parts of the bus, please see my other auctions as there are more parts for sale, and more to be listed in the next few days.

In the photographs is a copy of the V5 showing the BBC as the previous owner, and a picture of GGM84W and HJB455W (The complete bus) at Upper Boat of the cold and frosty morning when I collected them. This is a genuine sale.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Serendipity Of The Doctor

This weekend I attended the Tenth Doctor celebrations at the BFI, where they screen the season four finale, The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End.

I had a great time, but I do have a funny story that proves things sometimes work out for the best, even though they don’t look like it at the time.

Don’t ask me how, but I have managed to get myself on the guest list for the last few screenings in the BFI's Doctor Who At 50. After all the stress of missing a couple of the earlier screenings, it’s a relief to not worry about getting in. Or so I thought.

The guest tickets are only issued on the day, and can only be collected 30 minutes before the show starts.
So this time we arrived with around 20 minutes to spare - wandered up to the ticket desk - gave my name - and discovered someone else had already collected my tickets!
We’re not talking about giving them out in error - we are full-on name check and hand over. I was stunned. Who could have taken my seats?

Now, in all fairness to the BFI they were on the case straight away. Senior staff were called. Those in charge of the door were alerted and anyone trying to enter with L14 and L15 were going to be in SERIOUS trouble!
We were told to hang around near the entrance, so we could be on hand once it was resolved. It was so funny, as I could hear the staff muttering about L14 and L15. It was like an all-point border security alert!

With only 5 minutes to go it was decided we should be seated and if someone tried to take our seats we were to send them packing!

So finally in we were relived.

Then a friend I have only recently become reacquainted with waves at me, revealing HE has my tickets!
Ends up a couple of friends of his have seats next to us and he was keen to swap so they could all sit together. The seats he had were closer to the front, but he'd forgo those in favour of ours.

Not being an arsehole I agreed we’d change seats, having accepted his apology.

Anyway, lights down. Show starts, and I notice there are still some spare seats dotted around where we are sitting.

Skip forward to the second episode which followed a interval interview with Andy Pryor, the casting director for the series, and just as the lights go down and the episode starts two people slip into some spare seats just in front of us. It’s only David Tennant and Georgia Moffett!!!

By the time the episode was done Georgina had disappeared, leaving David on his own, but was soon joined by Catherine Tate.

It takes a few minutes to get set up for the main panel discussion, during which a few fans were asking David for autographs.

I had only brought none thing with me with a view to getting a signature - a screen-used fake bank note from The Runaway Bride bearing David's face.

All I had to do was lean forward a bit, not even standing from my seat, and it asked David if he’d sign for me. He happily took the note and my pen, signed and passed it back. Catherine was happy to sign too!

So you see, sometimes things DO work out for the best, and there’s no point being an arse and refusing to be a little flexible with friends - even if they have annoyed you a bit.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

FURTHER original 10th Doctor
items on eBay!

There’s not been many original Tenth Doctor items on eBay recently, but here was one I did come across.

Silence In The Library
library book

Doctor Who book prop from David Tennant's 2008 series Silence In The Library / Forest Of The Dead.

In 2008 I was lucky enough to go on the BBC's Children In Need tours of the Doctor Who studios in Cardiff, touring the sets and meeting the stars. When sadly the time came to leave, attendees were given a souvenir left over from the then latest season's recording of Silence In The Library / Forest Of The Dead by Steven Moffat.

It was this book from the set - it's a 'dummy' book, a dressed binder cover with no internal pages as these were made to fly out from the Library's book shelves during the episode, as seen on screen and explained in the accompanying Doctor Who Confidential. The cover has the prop Library index number and Library logo on the binder's spine.

Personally I have never seen such a prominent new series prop come up for sale before, so it would make a great, recognisable and rare collector's item in the programme's 50th anniversary year - happy bidding!

Since listing, I've had a number of good questions asked about this item and so thought it would be helpful to add these points here:

1. I would be happy to provide an accompanying letter with this item confirming how it came to me and what I know of its origins
2. Departing attendees at the studios were told in good faith that they could have one of what were described as these screen-used props - no additional documentary evidence came with it. Viewing the story itself, dozens of these fly from the Library shelves, so watching it you can say "this is one of those" but you can't say "this is that one!"
3. It seems appropriate and just for a charity donation to be made from this auction too, so this is something I shall be doing!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

MORE original 10th Doctor items on eBay!

We’re a couple of months into 2013 and some original Tenth Doctor items have started to appear on eBay.
A lot of props (rather than costumes) have been cropping up, many of which are not necessarily identified as screen-used. They are sometimes spares copies or it isn’t possible to specifically spot it in the episode.

I’ve therefore grouped some of them by episode and show them here more for reference than as individual items.

Here’s what I’ve found.

TARDIS console
Rotor locking mechanism

Here we have a pair of clear perspex locking mechanisms used for locking and suspending the tardis rotor throughout the first season of the new series starring Christopher Eccleston and the first episodes of David Tennant.

During filming of season two the console lighting bulbs were change and the heat from these new bulbs warped the perspex of the rotor resulting in a new one having to be made the old rotor went back to the company who made it from whom these two mechanisms were aquired., as you can see one of them has a slight bend in it again this is from the light bulbs.

An extremely rare opportunity to aquire a part of the Tardis console that was used in every Eccleston story and early Tennant.


Door Sign

Here we have a lovley screen used and matched door sign from the David Tennant story "Impossible Planet", this sign can clearly be seen when the Doctor and rose walk through the door.

As can be seen in the attached screen grab all the marks match up perfectly confirming this was the one used on screen. most of these signs were destroyed after filming making this a rare find.

BLINK props
Wallpaper from old house
Screen used wallpaper directly from the house used to film the best story of the modern Dr Who series which is now being redeveloped. This piece is 8 inches by 5 inches and has been intentionley weathered by the Dr who prop dept but also it has signs of decay from where it was attached to the wall of a damp empty house.The actual piece will differ slightly than the picture.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Midnight - nearing the end

The main event of Midnight really has to be the stage appearance of David Tennant and Billie Piper. This had been saved to the very end to give them star billing.

David has done a few events now, but manly just photocalls and autographs. This was Billie’s first, so she was a bit green to it all. You could see she was a little reserved and taken aback by seeing so many fans hanging on her very word, but she soon relaxed and got into the swing of things.

David is a lot more gregarious and outgoing, so he was able to carry stuff where Billie was less confident.

There was no interviewer or moderator - it was just an open mic for questions from the audience.
Before too long the questioning became quite probing - and I'm choosing my words deliberately there!

One person asked that if Rose had been a hooker like Billie’s character in Diary Of A Call Girl, how would The Doctor react? David said his character wouldn't judge her and would take her as he found her - which was an unfortunate turn of phrase!

Other questions included asking what they thought of the costumes seen at the event. Billie was very complimentary about the work that had gone into them and the originality of some (Dinner Lady Rose in particular).

Asked about the filming, Billie’s lasting memory was of long cold shoots on Welsh cliff tops and the friendliness of the crew she worked with.

Moving forward she acknowledged how working on it can at times dominate any conversation she has subsequently. It is something that follows her around, though she always looks back fondly and the biggest thing she misses about it is David!

The full story of my time at Midnight,
can be read here

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Midnight - photocall

Just to put it out there - here is my photocall with David Tennant and Billie Piper.

My other photocalls can be seen over on my Fourth Doctor blog.

The full story of my time at Midnight,
can be read here

Midnight - costumes and cosplay

Something to look forward to at any Doctor Who convention are the cosplayers and their various costumes on show.

Many come with costume changes or just their one favourite they like to be seen in.

Personally I wore three costumes to Midnight.
On Friday I did my Eleventh Doctor; Saturday was the turn of my Fourth Doctor; and Sunday, when David Tennant was around, I did my Tenth Doctor.

I’ve surprised myself as to how much I like wearing the Fourth Doctor costume, and it goes down well with the fellow cosplayers at conventions.

Around the event there was a good contingent of cosplayers, wearing a good range of costumes.

One thing that struck me was the Amy cosplayers - I only really saw ONE. Has her ship sailed already? I do hope so.

I was quite taken with the Geordie girls who dress as members of UNIT. They were game for a laugh and happy to pose for the cameras.

There is a core group of UK cosplayers I have become aware of, who like to keep the classic series alive.
It was great to see good costumes of the Anthony Ainley Master; the Fourth and Fifth Doctors; and a great Sarah Jane and K-9.

There was an unsurprising turn out of Rose cosplay, with the 50s Idiot’s Lantern dress seeming to be the most popular. I did see one very original costume - Dinner Lady Rose from School Reunion! Not sure I’ve seen anyone do that before.

As you’d expect at an event with David Tennant as a guest, the Tens out numbered the Elevens for once. His star still burns bright...

One thing I did notice though was an interesting rise in the femme and crossplay costumes - that is to say either girls dressing as male characters, but with a feminine style; or guys dressed as female characters in full drag.
I’ve seen it discussed at American conventions and a little of it online, but this was my first UK event where I saw it first-hand.


The full story of my time at Midnight,
can be read here

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Midnight - first night

I got to the hotel not long after lunchtime, so had the drop on most people and checked in quickly.
After a bit of time in my room unpacking my costumes and sorting out my WiFi, I went down to the lobby to register for the event.

By now the place was packed, and full of fans checking in and milling around.

The convention is taking place in the Hilton hotel close to Birmingham International Airport, so reminds me no end of the set up for Gallifrey One in Los Angeles.

On the way down to the opening ceremony I had one if those awkward yet flattering moments in the lift.
Standing next to some one, they looked at me, pointed, and said “You’re Steve Ricks!”
I always enjoy speaking to readers of my blogs as at least it proves someone is reading them! But it's un-nerving when you are recognised by a stranger.
Awkward introductions over we had a cool chat in the lobby, during which it emerged he had recently snapped up a pair of All Saints boots on eBay - the same pair a friend had spotted, but had missed out on when the auction suddenly closed early. Now I know why!

The main hall was filling up, so I found a seat in the gold ticketed area to wait for the opening ceremony, due to kick off at 8pm. By 8.30 I was fidgeting in my seat as it still hadn’t started.

The monotony is broken by a member of staff putting a Santa hat on a Dalek at the front of the stage. This prompts a flurry of flashes as a lot of people rush forward for a photo. Everyone needs to pace themselves me thinks!

It’s not even started and we’re running FIFTY minutes late.

I’m then subjected to the Midnight police, who not only want you to have phones on silent - but demand flight mode so no Facebook, Twitter or Internet! Bloody Kaleds!
Must say its taking the shine off the event already.

Finally we get going and after some introductions we get to see the guests who are already here (David and Billie are only here for the Sunday).

Here is the list of guests.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Midnight - here I come!

This weekend is a convention in Birmingham called Midnight, and marks the first event appearance for Billie Piper, who until now has kept a distance from the fans.
Alongside her is David Tennant, who although he has attended conventions before, this is his first dedicated Who event.

The pairing of these two for the first time has caused a buzz, and I know of fans coming all the way for the US specially for the event.

Since there is the promise of a photo opportunity with the Doctor and companion together, I booked myself a gold ticket a number of months back when they convention was announced. It sold out soon after.

In hindsight it’s not the most ideal timing, as I’m attending Motor Mouth in January and Gallifrey One in February, making it three conventions in as many months! And all this while I’m in full-on work on my Six Frock Coat.
Luckily I have a slight lull in my schedule there, so a forced weekend away from the sewing machine is not entirely a bad thing.

I caught a train from London Euston - not the fastest of services, but I’m in no rush - and noticed we stopped at Matt Smith’s home town of Northampton along the way.

Bit of a grim journey though. Here’s the view from the train of the landscape en route.

Roll on the weekend!

The full story of my time at Midnight,
can be read here

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Original 10th Doctor items - on eBay!

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a small flurry of original Doctor Who Props and costumes for sale on eBay. It’s been like a mini Bonhams auction!

Here’s what’s been on offer for Tenth Doctor fans.


Doctor Who ORIGINAL magnaclamp as used in the Doctor Who (2006) story Doomsday featuring the Daleks and Cybermen.

The prop is used at the end of the episode where the Doctor devises a plan to suck the Daleks and Cybermen back into the void.

Only 2 magnaclamps were made, this has been screen matched to the one used by David Tennant, as both have unique weathering.

The magnaclamp features a Torchwood bar code.
The LED lights still work, but the red light doesn't.

The magnaclamp does show signs of wear and tear ,which obviously is common for screen used items.
This is a VERY VERY heavy( over 5 kg ) prop made of metal and vac form plastic.